Why Register?

ComputerChessNews.com is an author run site. It offers a number of advantages for engine authors and those who create original computer chess materials:

  • One central place to post Computer Chess News (commercial, dedicated or freeware)
  • All posts also go to Facebook and Twitter (Google+ to follow soon)
  • Since the site runs on WordPress, you can post using just about any device (iPhoneiPadAndroidWindows Phone or even BlackBerry
  • Interact with readers using the post’s comments

From the user’s perspective there are also some great advantages:

  • One central place to keep up to date on the latest Computer Chess News
  • Consume the news as a website, on Facebook or Twitter, using a favorite RSS reader, or even via email (using Feedburner)

Types of Content:

You, as an author, can post any genuine news about your engine.  It can be commercial news or even a promotional offer.  Please keep the posts on-topic and about your engine (i.e. don’t post about someone else’s engine).  I will remove any posts which directly insults other individuals or are in some ways vulgar or inappropriate.

So at this stage there are very few restrictions. This may change as we see what works and what doesn’t.

How to Register:

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