iCE 2 is released


Again more than 1 year development and tuning went into this release. The last release was dominated by changes to the evaluation and weight tuning. Most of the committed changes in this release are now related to the search framework.


Bugfixes: Bugs related to recognizing a trapped rook and to the 50 move rule were fixed

Pawn Hash Handling: King position is now stored into the pawn hash which allows the hashing of additional eval terms while the hit rate goes down a bit.

Endgame Knowledge: Some special code to handle certain 5 piece endgames was added. iCE now uses the material hash to recognize the endgame types. The ugly list of if … then … statements that checks for piece combinations is now gone.

Evaluation: Some changes to the evaluation to understand certain positions better. An example are positions with an isolated queens pawn. Tests showed only limited impact on the strength. I kept them because I hope the overall playing style of iCE looks more natural now in those positions. Some minor terms have been dropped or have been replaced by others. My pawn structure evaluation is still clumsy, all attempts to improved it failed.

Table Bases: iCE is not using external table bases during play. iCE 1 had the DTM data for all the 3-men TB built into the executable. Those tables were removed in iCE 2. They are calculated on the fly when the engine starts. The calculation is fairly optimized and takes less than 100 ms on a decent 1 core system.

Search Changes: Added History Heuristics, Late Move Pruning, Razoring and Counter Move Heuristics. Change LMR to be less aggressive. Lazy eval removed. Added LMR at the root node. And tuning, tuning, tuning …

Code Cleanup: A lot of code was refactored and simplified. Especially similar code for WHITE and BLACK was merged using C++ templates. Overall from iCE 1 to iCE 2 5600 lines of code were removed while 3800 lines were added.

Download available here:


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