iCE 3 gets released

I’m finally ready to release version 3 of my little chess engine project. It is still only single core as I haven’t found the motivation to implement SMP. I’m still on the way to make the engine smarter not faster. So SMP is maybe something for the next release then. What did change in v3 […]

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Chess for Android v5.0: Time Control

After some delay, I finally released version 5.0 of Chess for Android, available on Google Play or as direct download. New features include: Time control to define a chess clock for both sides with a choice between the number of moves between time control (possibly the full game), thinking time per time control, and an […]

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iCE 2 is released

Again more than 1 year development and tuning went into this release. The last release was dominated by changes to the evaluation and weight tuning. Most of the committed changes in this release are now related to the search framework. Changes: Bugfixes: Bugs related to recognizing a trapped rook and to the 50 move rule […]

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Chess for Glass

Besides Chess for Android, I have been working on another project, which has been officially released today! Chess for Glass is Glassware that runs directly on Glass. You can enter moves by simply saying the moves, or by using the touch pad. Other features include a choice in board color, spoken move announcements, and the […]

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MadChess 1.4 Released

I’ve released version 1.4 of my chess engine.  The most significant new feature is UCI_LimitStrength, which allows the user to weaken the engine for a more enjoyable game.  Details on my MadChess website.

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chess4j gets a little smarter

Over the holidays I did a bit of work on my latest program, chess4j.  Read about it here: The project home page is here:  

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Chess for Android, version 4.5

It has been a while since the last update, since I have been a bit busy at work, but I finally had some time for two new features in Chess for Android, version 4.5: Spoken chess text (option to announce all moves) Retrieve position function (direct link with Gerhard Roth’s OCR app)  

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